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by Paolo Spagnoletti
April 10, 2019

How to frame the digital transformation? What are the winning strategies? How to implement them effectively? Where to start? In a very open and collaborative spirit, 20 Italian Top Managers responsible for the digital transformation of their companies, have taken part to the Digital Advisory Board (DAB) to gain insights on the impact of digital technologies.

April 5, 2019
Editorial Column Europe
A view from Brussels by Daniel Gros

The view that deficits and higher public debt can be beneficial has received an important boost through the recent presidential address of Prof. Olivier Blanchard at the American Economic Association, entitled: “Public debt and low interest rates”. A new editorial by Daniel Gros.

October 16, 2018
Column Europe
A view from Brussels by Daniel Gros

Plans by the Italian government for a deficit of 2.4 % instead of pursuing the adjustment path agreed with the EU have led to a sharp increase in the yields on Italian debt, with the yields on ten-year bonds rising above 3%. Italy seems to be only one step away from such an explosive feedback loop.

by Sergio Marchionne
July 25, 2018

“The essence of leadership: personally assuming the moral duty to do something, to act, to take part in the process of building the future. Acknowledging one’s own responsibility to give future generations hope for something better.” The message that Sergio Marchionne has left to the LUISS community

LUISS Digest
July 23, 2018

La Stampa

Gianni Riotta racconta la storia di Sergio Marchionne alla guida di FCA

July 23, 2018

La Repubblica

Il commento di Marcello Messori sull’Euro summit di giugno

July 19, 2018

Financial Times

Pietro Reichlin on the “dignity” labour reform

July 11, 2018

Il Foglio

Dibattito sull’uscita dall’Euro. L’analisi di Franco Passacantando 

July 9, 2018

Il Sole 24 Ore

“Uno spettro si aggira per l’Europa, ma questa volta si tratta del sovranismo”. L’editoriale di Sergio Fabbrini

July 9, 2018

The Guardian

Professor Christopher Hein on the Italian immigration policy

Previous articles
by Roberto Saviano Tom Nichols
July 13, 2018
Video Open Society

How is it possible that knowledge and understanding have become something to be weary of? Roberto Saviano interviewed at LUISS University Tom Nichols, author of the book “La conoscenza e i suoi nemici. L’era dell’incompetenza e i rischi per la democrazia”, LUISS University Press, 2018 (The Death of Expertise, Oxford University Press, 2017).

by Daniel Gros Mattia Di Salvo
July 6, 2018

Daniel Gros and Mattia Di Salvo discuss, numbers at hand, the real situation about the migrant crisis and the role played in it so far by Italy and Germany

by Andrea Lorenzo Capussela
June 6, 2018
Editorial Europe

Andrea Lorenzo Capussela analyses the latest developments of Italy’s political situation, arguing that while the new government might restore some stability, it is unlikely to tackle the real roots of the crisis, namely low growth, rising inequality, and political distrust

by Mohammed Hashas
April 30, 2018

Mohammed Hashas analyses the question if there is or there is not such a thing as an Islamic European thought. he argues that European Muslims do have their own thought, in theology as well. Such thought can have an influence even in the Arab world

by Branko Milanovic
March 29, 2018
Editorial Open Society

The time when Anglo-American media, with their unrivalled professionality and political strength, dominated the global media is almost over. Thanks to globalization and internet, Chinese, Russian, and Arab media can offer as well their alternative narrative (sometimes even regarding internal debates in the US and in the UK). An analysis by the economist Branko Milanovic

by Jeffrey Sachs
March 16, 2018

We interviewed Jeffrey Sachs on the occasion of the book launch of the Italian edition of his “Building the New American Economy”. He reflected on the state of the affairs of the American economy during the first year of Trump presidency, covering international political economy, trade policies and some good reasons to look forward to the future.

by Jeffrey Sachs
March 15, 2018

Professor Sachs is one of the world’s foremost development economists and his book “Building the new American economy” has just been translated in Italian. In this interview, he explains why Trump has been “much worse” than he imagined and how the new President is getting it wrong on international trade (although he is right in pointing to the uneven distributional effects of globalization)

by Jeffrey Sachs
March 14, 2018

On the occasion of Jeffrey Sachs’ participation in the meeting “Processo all’economia. Demografia, democrazia, mercati, felicità”, organized by LUISS, an extract from his latest book “Building the New American Economy”, with the Italian translation out soon for LUISS University Press. Despite some negative signs, Sachs argues that there is reason to be optimistic about the future