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interview with Cristina Fasone
October 11, 2019
Interview Open Society

“The main trait of the model is, perhaps, the ability to hold together cultures, minorities, laws that are so different from each other. Such a model enables the state to take into account the diversity in the representation processes without disregarding the existence of different systems and of strong minorities which are territorially localized, while also seeking to incorporate them into decision-making processes”. An interview with Cristina Fasone about the Canadian federalism as possible model for Europe

by Tom Schmitz Fabiano Schivardi
October 9, 2019
Editorial Open Society

“The striking divergence of Southern Europe coincides with the diffusion of information technology (IT) in the mid-1990s, which was a major driver of productivity growth in the leading economies. In Southern Europe, this IT Revolution made relatively little headway”. Fabiano Schivardi and Tom Schmitz explain how in Southern Europe, this IT Revolution has been substantially lower than in other developed countries

interview with Vincenzo Emanuele
October 7, 2019
Interview Open Society

“At the basis of the concept of “convergence” lies “electoral stability and instability”, which is manifested by the “electoral volatility” variable, a measure that quantifies the electoral change at an aggregate level, or the percentage of voters who have changed their vote between two subsequent elections.” Interview with Prof. Emanuele about the electoral instability

interview with Francesco Sobbrio
October 3, 2019
Interview Open Society

“What seems to emerge after the last political elections is that, with the increasing explosion of the use of web platforms and social media in recent years, these technologies continue to play an important role in mobilizing the political machine”. The interview with professor Francesco Sobbrio about how Internet changed political campaigning

LUISS Digest
July 23, 2018

La Stampa

Gianni Riotta racconta la storia di Sergio Marchionne alla guida di FCA

July 23, 2018

La Repubblica

Il commento di Marcello Messori sull’Euro summit di giugno

July 19, 2018

Financial Times

Pietro Reichlin on the “dignity” labour reform

July 11, 2018

Il Foglio

Dibattito sull’uscita dall’Euro. L’analisi di Franco Passacantando 

July 9, 2018

Il Sole 24 Ore

“Uno spettro si aggira per l’Europa, ma questa volta si tratta del sovranismo”. L’editoriale di Sergio Fabbrini

July 9, 2018

The Guardian

Professor Christopher Hein on the Italian immigration policy

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interview with Luca Giustiniano
September 30, 2019
Interview Open Society

“Organizations that have proven to be resilient are those in which people were most listened to, most able to propose proactive solutions, and less subjected to judgment even where the solutions they proposed did not turn out to be successful”. The Interview to Professor Luca Giustiniano about the importance of Organizational resilience.

July 30, 2019
Editorial Column Europe
A view from Brussels by Daniel Gros

This is where the unexpected slowdown in the first Eurozone economy comes from: weak consumption, the role of immigration, stagnant productivity and fearful exporters. What if German economy was “stable” rather than “dynamic”? The analysis by Daniel Gros for Luiss Open

by Lorenzo De Sio Mark N. Luana Russo
July 9, 2019
Book Europe

The first European Parliament elections after the Brexit referendum, the first after the election of Donald Trump and the success of populist parties (and the instalment of “populist” governments) around Europe. The European Parliament elections of 2019 were a first in many aspects, pointing to relevant questions that might be answered once the votes were in. A new work by Luiss CISE

June 13, 2019
Column Europe
A view from Brussels by Daniel Gros

Italy is a high savings country. Its households dispose of a net worth of around 10 thousand billion euro and financial assets of over 4 thousand billion euro.  This means that in principle the national public debt of around 2 thousand billion euro cou …

interview with Mark Thatcher
May 16, 2019
Interview Open Society

What is the connection between nationalism and the promotion of a country’s cultural heritage? An interview with Mark Thatcher on the production of cultural nationalism.

interview with Giovanni Piccirilli
May 15, 2019
Interview Open Society

An interview with Giovanni Piccirilli about the so-called “Taricco rule” and how it influence the complex relationship between Courts, and in particular, the complex course of the Italian Constitutional Court towards the European integration

interview with Valentina Meliciani
May 14, 2019
Interview Open Society

An interview with Valentina Meliciani: how regulation and networking between researchers can be the main drivers of “environmental innovation”.

interview with Enzo Peruffo
May 8, 2019
Interview Open Society

“The great challenge of the university thus concerns the impact it creates: to develop knowledge that has an impact on the life of organizations and stakeholders”. An interview with Enzo Peruffo