Planning exellence: italian strategies of marketing management

June 6, 2017
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A research by Brand Finance in 2016 showed that the value of Italian brands is growing overall. In particular, the only “Made in Italy” brand is worth more than $ 200 billion (over 1,500 in total), it has grown by more than 20% over the previous year and is considered, according to other recent studies, among the top three world’s brand for recognizability.

A brand that means with quality, beauty and creativity. The Made in Italy trademark spreads all over the world. This attitude to excellence comes from afar, beginning with a careful and meticulous strategic approach.

In a recent article by Fabia Ancarani, Antonella Buonuomo and Michele Costabile, by the title of “Marketing Made in Italy”, the ‘universality and specificity’ of marketing management in Italy is analyzed.

Research shows how strategic planning, vision and, above all, deep understanding of the context with which we are confronted are essential in achieving important results and goals. Understanding its most specific peculiarities is the basis from which to start marketing success management strategies and processes.

This context cannot be confined to sector boundaries (such as that of financial markets), but it has to also concern social-cultural and territorial aspects. In other words, it is possible to speak of a marketing management with whole, unique Italian traits, in regard to quality of the products (connected to the Italian manufacturing footprint), ability in customer interaction and innovation.

Additionally, conceptual features of marketing management “the Italian way” include creativity, aesthetic sensibility, the capability of drawing on the country’s humanistic cultural heritage with the history of the country itself and, finally, a pragmatic approach that insists on manufacturing rather than design.

Knowing these factors and, more generally, being aware of your skills and strengths  are considered by the authors as indispensable tools to bring the “Made in Italy” marketing to the level of value and competitiveness that Italian excellence has always exported to the world.

Marketing Made in Italy. Universalità e specificità del marketing management fatto in Italia

The author

Michele Costabile is full professor of Management and Marketing at LUISS and Director of the research center X.ITE