About Open

LUISS Open taps into LUISS academic expertise to engage 
with policymakers and the business 
and professional communities. We believe that through an interdisciplinary approach we can achieve a better framing and understanding of the new, complex problems that modern societies face.

LUISS Open brings together our different expert perspectives to address such problems. It is a research magazine that offers space, narration and stimulus to the intellectual content of LUISS University’s academic community.

Research, alongside teaching, represents the cornerstone of a university. As well as sharing new information, it is the spine of any country or community that wants to impact world development and progress. Findings and trajectories resulting from advanced research often have the potential to be of interest to the general public.

Nevertheless, highly specialized and complex contents often have limited circulation within the non-specialized public and researchers from different fields who face challenges in staying current on their fellow researchers’ work. LUISS Open, starting with its name, aims to overcome these limits. Gathering all LUISS research papers in one place, providing a brief synopsis of the project and a link to the original paper, LUISS Open aims to stimulate dialog between instructors and researchers while offering a privileged place for original content.

LUISS Open features content on ranging from economics to European politics, from open society and its challenges to entrepreneurship as more than a business strategy but a genuine mindset.



Europe has become centre stage in the political economic debates. LUISS research community has been exploring Europe in its many facets for decades: it has generated novel ideas, framed new understanding of the role of Europe at large and each national country, and suggested innovative solutions to policymakers.


LUISS faculty looks beyond traditional definitions of entrepreneurship to understand it as a mindset to generate new business solutions, innovate existing institutions, and eventually create far-reaching benefits for society. Our research helps address complex issues such as intellectual property rights, business models, new financial models, skills creation.

Open Society

We bring together LUISS faculty’s wealth of intellectual capital from across all disciplines to study how openness impacts and ultimately shapes society at large. LUISS faculty community looks into the new, evolving social interactions deriving from immigration and multiculturalism; new complex forms of democracies; how emerging digital technologies transform the business and economic landscapes.


Our board, strictly based on merit, works in close contact with an editorial staff who monitors and collects LUISS research as well as a digital communication team with the objective and ambition to create an independent, unlimited and open point of reference that serves the entire research community.