Luca Giustiniano

Luca Giustiniano is professor of Organization Studies at Luiss

Articles by Luca Giustiniano
April 9, 2021
editoriale-en Entrepreneurship

More than others, the hospitality sector has suffered the most immediate repercussions of the pandemic. The measures for transmission containment that were prompted by the government and the fear of travelling that has spread internationally have stopped any event, conference, convention, sports league, and have drastically driving down tourism for both business and leisure. How do hospitality leaders improvise resilience in practice while facing the shock caused by Covid-19?

June 27, 2020
editoriale-en Focus Ripresa

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced organizations to change the way they work. An analysis by Antonio Daood and Luca Giustiniano about the new way of thinking “People, Technology, and Processes”.

September 30, 2019
intervista-en Open Society off en

“Organizations that have proven to be resilient are those in which people were most listened to, most able to propose proactive solutions, and less subjected to judgment even where the solutions they proposed did not turn out to be successful”. The Interview to Professor Luca Giustiniano about the importance of Organizational resilience.

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