climate change
June 11, 2021
editoriale-en Open Society

Local pollution arising from production spreads throughout the territory over time. The regulator should find a production/depollution policy that harmonizes economic growth with the wellbeing of the population. Is this possible? An interview with Fausto Gozzi.

February 28, 2021
editoriale-en Entrepreneurship

Maria Savona explains her paper on how different models assessing climate change integrate aspects of structural change that are crucial to understand the complexity of how the economy affects the environment.

June 13, 2017
editoriale-en Open Society off en

Trump, Paris and ‘climate change. The issue is economic and one of the solution could be a World Climate Bank

April 29, 2017
libri-en Open Society off en

The denial of climate change is a fact and despite the disagreeing scientific production only accounting for 3% of the entire community, in recent years it has done wonders in winning over the public.


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