February 21, 2018
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With elections only a couple of weeks ahead, the tendency to bash the euro (and Europe) seems to have greatly diminished among all parties. But not bashing the euro and its rules is not enough, says Daniel Gros

January 15, 2018
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Plutocratic populists and the Italian experience: a little exercise in historical comprehension

July 18, 2017
editoriale-en Open Society

The Director of the Italian Center for Electoral Studies at LUISS, Lorenzo De Sio, presents an analysis of the new strategic guidelines for leaders and parties, in a political landscape of big change

June 14, 2017
editoriale-en Europe

Mattia Guidi’s editorial, examining the role held by the main protagonists in the U.K.’s general elections and outlining the possible future developments for the British government

May 9, 2017
editoriale-en Europe

Francesco Saraceno’s commentary on Social Europe analyze France elections’ impact after the vote. How much Europe we will see with Macron?

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