May 5, 2020
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“The last two decades have witnessed substantial progress in the measurement of productivity. However, our understanding of the deep determinants of productivity growth is still limited”. Fabiano Schivardi’s research about the european productivity growth divergence

February 11, 2020
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“Business angels are individuals who evaluate, select and eventually finance innovative business projects that they believe are promising. Business angels networks are simply business angels associations, and the tool through which they organize themselves”. An interview with Paolo Giordani about the Financing innovation.

October 16, 2018
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Plans by the Italian government for a deficit of 2.4 % instead of pursuing the adjustment path agreed with the EU have led to a sharp increase in the yields on Italian debt, with the yields on ten-year bonds rising above 3%. Italy seems to be only one step away from such an explosive feedback loop.

July 27, 2017

Would it be possible to have a common budget and a single Minister of finance in the eurozone ? Francesco Saraceno’s analysis in the latest number of his column for LUISS Open

March 22, 2017
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The world of finance is going through a period of change and taking a more ethical direction. Greater public awareness on issues of social responsibility and solidarity must in fact bring about the constructive adaptation of the financial sector

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